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Polaroids Of Androids

PoA Live

#9: Polaroids of Newkyroids (Part 1: Rat King)

Last month, the PoA Live film crew ventured up the Northern Highway into the magnificent kingdom of Newcastle — a pristine locale, famous for it's high density of Henny Penny franchises, wide-range of hi-vis apparel and decades of dedication to the art of musically synced cock-thrusting movements. The latter of which features prominently here, presented in optically gratifying format by mangrove dwelling fivesome, Rat King. 80% of these boys are suitably covered in all-black-everything apparel — an obvious revolt against the compulsory neon uniforms of the other peasants of the fried chicken empire — with Drummer Evan the solitary reveller against the revelling. Thankfully, for all parties involved, he more than makes up for his mild wardrobe decisions by aggressively pounding away on the skins like a frantic John on a union-timed lunch break. Speaking of which, just try and keep it together as this track, suitably titled Tramp Stamp, slips it's filthy tongue deep into your ear holes. A disgusting wave of satisfaction.

Parts 2 and 3, featuring fellow Newkers, Hell Setzer and Lenin Lennon, coming soon.


Presented by
Polaroids of Androids
Antelope Recordings

Filmed at
Kennards, Newcastle

Filmed by
Whaley Bigjesus

Edited by
Justina Grubski

Audio Recorded and Mixed by
Michael 'Beef' Sale

Directed by
Whaley Bigjesus

Filed Under
PoA Live
Rat King


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how was Kennards?

9 years ago


yeah nice

9 years ago

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