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Polaroids Of Androids

PoA Live

#9: Polaroids Of Newkyroids (Part 3: Lenin Lennon)

Here's the final instalment of our Newkyroids Adventure, featuring the current leaders of knife-edge, "stabby" punx rock, Lenin Lennon. Here they are performing the top-of-your-pops single, Mono, live inside a Kennards Storage cubicle, which doubles as both a shared rehearsal space and an Alfred Iverson shrine.

The song features on their Hell EP, which successful music conglomerate Polaroids Of Pressroids described as "a dirty homemade shiv into your scrotum". Find out that gibberish actually means by going to their Bandcamp and downloading the whole thing. And then cry into your laptop that you were a tardy little tart and missed out on the limited edition cassette. All day sucker.

Thanks (again) to Everyone involved in making the Up-The-F3 series happen, most especially "Beef" for his fantastic recording skills (mate, I'm flying you down to Sin-city to record my debut horrorcore cassingle as soon as the Pozzible fundraising effort gets going) AND Evan "University Graduate" Porteus who somehow convinced all the bands to participate.


Presented by
Polaroids of Androids
Antelope Recordings

Filmed at
Kennards, Newcastle

Filmed by
Whaley Bigjesus

Edited by
Justina Grubski

Audio Recorded and Mixed by
Michael 'Beef' Sale

Directed by
Whaley Bigjesus

Filed Under
PoA Live
Lenin Lennon


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