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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 16
All Australian Musicalness

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Episode 16

We decided to get together and play you some of our favourite current Australian songs. And also play you some of our own (bad) songs.

I forgot to actually choose my favourites so they are mostly that other guys choices. However, i am not going to mention who i am, and therefore you will not be able to figure out who the other guy is so you will just have to listen to the podcast.

Songs played (including the not-so-secret song at the end) were:

  1. The Hot Box - Baby Blue
  2. The Panda Band - Eyelashes
  3. Teenager - Liquid Cement
  4. Birds of Tokyo - Rose
  5. Damn Arms - Test Pattern
  6. Go You Huskies - Saw
  7. My Disco - Inhaler
  8. Sound Casino - Save Me
  9. Pharaohs - Broken Arm
  10. ColourFast - Save The World
  11. Sekiden - Up In The Air
  12. The Russian Brides - Sheep/Wolf/Sheep
  13. The Mares - Single Man
  14. The Sleepy Jackson - God Knows

Release date: May 24, 2006

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The Hot Box
The Panda Band
Birds Of Tokyo
Damn Arms
My Disco
Sound Casino
The Russian Brides
The Mares
Go You Huskies
The Sleepy Jackson


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