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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 36
Saddling Tramps

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Episode 36

New music floats in, new music floats out. The part in between is where I sit in a daze spree of gin, tonic and brownies, pasting songs together and serving up what some wiser monkey's call 'magic'.

1. No Age - Everybody's Down
From their awesome Weirdo Rippers album.

2. British India - Automatic Pulse
One of the few (yes I was disapointed too) fine moments on the Melbournites' debut record, Guillotine.

3. Justice - Phantom Pt. II
Awesome skippy-n-fucked-up French electro. That's the genre.

4. Teenager - Alone Again
80's style pop music sung by drugged out dance kids has never sounded so sad and brilliant.

5. Yea Big / Kid Static - Powerful Jones
The US version of grime?

6. The Paper Scissors - Yamanote Line
Proving to everyone that they are definately not a one-hit wonder.

7. Die! Die! Die! - Blue Skies
If you don't like the New Zealand punksters after hearing this song then I am sorry to tell you this - but you don't have ears.

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No Age
British India
The Paper Scissors
Die! Die! Die!
Yea Big/Kid Static


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