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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 37
I'm Not Old

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Episode 37

Sometimes it's easier to go with the flow. But other times its better to fight against the current, like a salmon battling to get back to the place of it's birth. This is neither of those times.

1. Lucy & The Pheromones - Shotgun The Cadillac
Great stuff from this Sydney band's debut EP Departure.

2. Tomahawk - Mescal Rite I
Damn you Mike Patton. Why do you taunt me so? From new album Anonymous.

3. Casiotone For Ther Painfully Alone - New Year's Kiss
Beautiful. Sad. Casiotone to the letter. From the Etiquette album.

4. Kevin Drew - Tbtf
Too beautiful to fuck? Me thinks so. This is off the upcoming Spirit If... record out in September.

5. Cut Off Your Hands - On Blue
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!!! New Zealand power pop at it's best from latest EP Blue On Blue.

6. Big Cats - We Are Surrounded
Melbourne indie kids who are doing good things at present.

7. Handsome Furs - What We Had
The finest example of Handsome Fur's perfect simplicity from their Plague Park record..

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Lucy & The Pheromones
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Kevin Drew
Cut Off Your Hands
Big Cats
Handsome Furs


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