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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 39
The troublesome acts of Dr. Jump N Fresh

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Episode 39

We don't care too much for words. We DO however care for music that finds a neat little place to hide inside our heads and causes us to have fits of lust. This podcast contains nine songs that we are currently trying to work out how to make love to.

1. Okkervil River - Suvannah Smiles
He finds his daughter's diary and there is something in there about sleeping around. From the new album The Stage Names.

2. Jens Lekman - And I Remember Every Kiss
Triumphant. From Jens' new album Night Falls Over Kortedala.

3. Caribou - After Hours
From the unbelievably good new album Andorra and we need to get around to writing a very glowing review about sometime very soon.

4. Notorious BIG - Party & Bullshit (Ratatat Remix)
Biggie Smalls' aggressive nature seems to make out (and grope) the terrific rock-hopping beats of Ratatat. From the Ratatat Remixes II album.

5. Never Heard Of Zeppelin - Book Of Love
NY electro-trash-fuck. He has never heard (and doesn't care for) Led Zeppelin.

6. Surf City - Headin' Inside
Extremely awesome New Zealand band. Taken from their EP entitled EP.

7. Telephone Jim Jesus - A Mouth Of Fingers
What a very cool name.

8. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Let's Make Out
Even clever-like name. VERY catchy tune. Featuring vocals from that guy that was in Death From Above 1979. Not the techno guy, the other one.

9. A Place To Bury Strangers - Don't Think Lover
Fuzz. Beautiful fuzz. From their self-titled record.

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A Place To Bury Strangers
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Surf City
Never Heard Of Zeppelin
Notorious B.I.G
Jens Lekman
Okkervil River


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