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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 42

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Episode 42 - Whoreranker

This shit is so fresh that some of it went straight from my mailbox to the internet, not even pausing inbetween to get ego massaged or fellatioed. There is a lot of local content here too - not because we are overly patriotic but more because we like things we can feel, touch and massage into the shape of polarbears.

Here are the songs we played...

1. Grizzly Bear - Alligator (Choir Version)
Taken from the new Friends EP.

2. The Love Explosion - Yors and Mine
Highly entertaining new psychedelic band from Sydney. Taken from their debut self-titled EP. They tell us they will soon start to play shows.

3. Die! Die! Die! - The Blinding
Just one of the 13 fantastic tracks from their new album Promises Promises.

4. Sugar Army - Maybe The Boy That Cried Wolf Was Just Paranoid
They lose points for reminding us a bit too much of Wolfcover but we love their extremely long song titles and slightly insane breakout moments.

5. Regular John - Devil's Remedy
The new dirty rock single from Marrickville's finest.

6. Spider Vomit - No Way
It's like some sort of catchy pop song that has been dragged through the mud, beaten to a pulp and then raped. From their Widows Walk EP.

7. Talons - Tuesday Night Lites
From their fantastic debut EP Ducats.

8. Pnau - Baby
Dripping with over-the-top-pop and sunshine. Taken from the new self-titled album.

9. Jay-Z - American Gangster
The titled track from his new album which was inspired by that new Denzel Washington film. I am a sucker for the insane sped by blues samples.

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Grizzly Bear
The Love Explosion
Die! Die! Die!
Sugar Army
Regular John
Spider Vomit


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