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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 45

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Okay, I'll be the first to admit that this hour or so or music doesn't flow as smoothly as your life might. But dem be the brakes. The brakes that send you over the handlebars and make your brain become mushed in the pavement.

Speaking of mush, here are a bunch of songs that we smashed together. These songs will more than likely fuck your brain up and make you shoot brain juice out of your nozzle, in a similar way to how you used to discharge milk when you were a little kiddle and someone told you a funny joke involving the word 'vah-jay-jay'.

This is all new[ish] stuff. If you were looking for a 1994 hip-hop podcast you might wanna turn yo ass 'round.

1. Islands - The Arm
New song from the Montreal outfit.

2. Portishead - Magic Doors
From their third album (not counting the live album), which is conveniently called Third. With all the hype surrounding the release you are surely going to be let down. The hard-hitting beats on this track are blissful.

3. The Love Explosion - Waves Forever Yeah
Another brilliant track from Annandale's finest psychedelic outfit. From their latest EP, Sunflowers.

4. Guns Are For Kids - Thanks For Pissing On Me (I Was On Fire Up There)
The drunken choir from the backstreets of anytown return. From their fantastic new EP, It Takes A Nation Of Morons To Hold Us Back.

5. TheDeathSet - Negative Thinking
More hyperactive punk jams from the Australian expats. From their upcoming debut album, Worldwide, which is due out in April.

6. Witch Hats - Hellhole
Dirty, well executed hard-hitting music from the Melbourne outfit. Taken from their album, Cellulite Soul, which is very close to being the best thing our ears have heard so far this year.

7. Vital Organs - Guitar Shop Blues
Christian from Talons takes mushrooms, drinks gin and buys a second-hand organ off Ebay.

8. The Mountain Goats - Craters On The Moon
From their new record Heretic Pride. Darnielle doesn't sound too bad when he unleashes some emotion.

9. These New Puritans - Elvis
Taken from their album, Beat Pyramid, which is four parts art-wank, three parts nice dancey-rock songs like this and three parts 'meh'.

10. The Teenagers - Sunset Beach
Fucking jazzmaster? From the album, Reality Check.

11. The Mint Chicks - I Can't Stop Being Foolish
One of the first demo recordings from the NZ power-popping-punksters since they relocated themselves to Portland. Organs!

12. Bad Dudes - Rum Siero
Not really dudes that are bad, more dudes that confuse and harmonise.

13. Neon Neon - Dream Cars
I am split over this uber-shiny new electronic project by Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals. Sometimes I love the big sound that is being created and the tight production is blissful. At other times it sounds like bad leftover 80's infomercial party jams.

14. Michael Cera and Ellen Page - Anyone Else But You
Yo Cera! We like you. It's true that you are starting to play the same character a bit too much, but you are still George Michael to us. And we love you. Put out an album of bad love songs. Get Dangermouse to produce it so it sounds all 'full of life'. While your at it, can you put Clark and Michael onto my television so I am not restricted to the hilarity purely on my computer. Thanks.

15. The Black Keys - Pyschodelic Girl
Speaking of Dangermouse, the wunder-kid producer has overseen the new Black Keys album, Attack and Release, and made them sound a little bit less like a blues duo and more like blues duo that has had some pop sensibility injected into them. We are still undecided on it all.

16. Fuck Buttons - Okay, Let's Talk About Magic
This is some beautiful, very beautiful noise. From the album Street Horrrsing.

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