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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 48
You Can Keep Your Legs

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You Can Keep Your Legs

I am far too tired from fighting for my right to party, fighting in a sack and fighting my way out of a bag with scissors in my hand to write up a description for each song. This mix travels through music that is mostly just new and fresh 'fun(k) tunes', yet also features the best song of 2008, the best song from The Vines' new record and closes with a song by the most fantastic person ever - the RZA.

We hope this is the dangerous glowing ball of fire that brightens up your day.

1. The Process - The Void
2. The Vines - Jamola
3. The Hold Steady - Magazines
4. The Cool Kids - Gold And A Pager
5. Magic Dirt - Tremor
6. Darkstar - Squeeze My Lime
7. Computer Vs Banjo - Give Up On Ghosts
8. CSS - Jager Yoga
9. One For The Team - Best Supporting Actor
10. BOAT - Topps
11. Killer Mike - 10 G's
12. Nas - Seen It All (DJ Green Lantern mix)
13. RZA - O Day

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The Process
The Vines
The Cool Kids
Magic Dirt
Killer Mike
One For The Team
Computer Vs Banjo


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