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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 50
Homebake 2008

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Homebake 2008

There is a fairly good reason why we haven't unleashed a podcast episode in.. errr... THREE MONTHS! You see, the original plan for episode fifty was to do something a little special. But it got hard. Really hard. And messy. So we scrapped the plan. Maybe one day we will show you what we did. It was (kinda) special BUT at the same (kinda) shit.

So now we are back on track and the 'plan' is to start churning these suckers out like it was 2006. You know - when we used to podcast harder than the hardest podcasters on the planet. Pioneers of the podcast generation etc.

This episode features bands that are playing at this year's Homebake festival, which is happening this Saturday at the Domain. If you think the songs suck - blame the organisers.

1. Karnivool - The Only Way
Goyte cover. From the ARIA award-winning (ha!) Mixed Blood album.

2. Mercy Arms - Kilby

3. Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! - War Coward (Waterslides Rainbow Legs Remix)
New track! Fresh! Fairly shit band name.

4. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Precious Rose
From their debut self-titled album. If you aren't going to the festival you can 'try yer luck' and head down to the Excelsior in Surry Hills on Friday to see them play.

5. Die! Die! Die! - Out Of The Blue
This is the closing track on their debut self-titled record. They will be playing about midday on the main stage. Make sure you get in early and see them.

6. Violent Soho - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
From their brilliant album We Don't Belong Here.

7. British India - Outside 109
This song is from back before these guys started really really sucking.

8. Drapht - Drink Drank Drunk
Once while in a taxi this song came on the radio and I got the driver to put it up. Then he kinda liked it so he put it up really really loud. Insanely loud. It was fairly embarrassing.

9. Bluejuice - We Get It Right
From their 2007 Problems record.

10. Pnau - Baby (Breakbot Remix)
Summer. France. Littlemore.

11. Children Collide - Social Currency
Hey look we added a Children Collide song in. We must have been desperate, right? Ha?

12. Richard In Your Mind - The New Sun/Night Time Hike (The E.L.F Remix)
Sure, Richard In Your Mind aren't playing but this song gets through because The E.L.F is on the bill and he twiddles the knobs so much on that track that he makes it his own. Yeah?

13. Headless Chickens - Magnet
Hey kids! This is what rock sounded like in the glorious 90's. Note, the complete lack of 'electro' production touch-ups.

14. The Holidays - Mexico
From their new EP When The Ship Goes Down.

15. Tim Rogers (You Am I) and the Temperance Union - The Paragon Cafe
Probably the best (and saddest) song Tim Rogers has ever written.

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Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Die! Die! Die!
Violent Soho
British India
Children Collide
Richard In Your Mind
The E.L.F.
Headless Chickens
The Holidays
Tim Rogers
You Am I


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