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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 58

Birds have been on my mind lately.

It all started last week when I received a mysterious package, pointing me towards an even more cryptic website. Without too much explanation, the site pondering the question of what a world without this humble little website would be like, before displaying a horror-like video where it appeared people were at the mercy of violent bird overlords. What did it all mean? A pre-warning from some cyber-bully hackbots? Were they finally making a movie about this website? Was Limp Bizkit starting on an elaborate viral campaign to ensure they would be announced for Big Day Out 2011?

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon when, while enjoying a quiet ale at my local watering hole, a flock of birds swooped down, angrily squawking and hunting for any food that wasn't connected to someone's lips. As the pub patrons attempted to casually shoo the birds away and not spill a drop of their overpriced mocktails, I remembered the video's haunting imagery of humans scrounging and hiding from their winged masters. The strange Harry Pothead Internet weirdness that randomly pops up into my life had (finally) become a reality. This was either the best/worst acid trip of all time or someone was playing some uncool games on me.

After my second scary bird encounter of the week - and in an attempt to firmly place a foot in both camps - I decided to get to work on a bird-themed podcast. If the winged beasts were going to overthrow us humans then I wanted to be ready for it. I wanted our future evil masters to know that I liked them. I supported them. I was on their side.

  1. Modest Mouse - Worms Vs. Birds
  2. Alela Diane - Pigeon Song
  3. Department Of Eagles - No One Does It
  4. Hawke - The Monkey's Wedding
  5. The Beta Band - Liquid Bird
  6. The Rectifiers - Blackbird (All That Is New Again)
  7. The Fiery Furnaces - Birdie Brain
  8. My Brightest Diamond - The Robin's Jar
  9. Butcher Birds - Tiger Paw
  10. The Dead Weather - 3 Birds
  11. The Black Angels - Doves
  12. Birdmonster - Resurrection Song

Download (38 minutes / 53mb)

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Modest Mouse
Alela Diane
Department Of Eagles
The Beta Band
The Rectifers
The Fiery Furnaces
My Brightest Diamond
Butcher Birds
The Dead Weather
The Black Angels


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