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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 63
Runnnnning Like A Guineafowl


Why so many Ns? Why is Bruce Springsteen STILL the king of rock n roll even 45 years after his passing? Why Q? Why not Tittus? Why so scary? Why not Ginny Roll? Why so sexy Julie? Why so sexy Davie? Why so angry Bronxie?

These questions (and billions more!) will be answered in the following 54 minutes of music. Why? Because those lovely Guineafowl kids put together probably the greatest mixtape ever imagined into existence. Thanks once more to DJ HTML6 for dusting off his illegally downloaded, cracked and violated copy of Adobe Audition 0.6 BETA to do the much needed 'mixing'. Seriously, this dude/cunt needs to drop the 'DJ' part of his name. Pronto.

  1. Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
  2. Yeasayer - ONE
  3. INXS - Original Sin
  4. The Bronx - Inveigh
  5. Mercy Arms - Kilby
  6. The Triffids - Tender is the Night
  7. Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire
  8. The Strokes - Under Control
  9. Temptations - Ain't Too Proud To Beg
  10. Big Scary - Falling Away
  11. David Bowie - Lets Dance
  12. Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus
  13. Guineafowl - Botanist (live and acoustic on FBi Radio)
  14. Guineafowl - In Our Circles

DOWNLOAD (54 minutes / 74mb)

AND if you like what you hear (most notably the last two tracks which are actually performed by the band) then make sure you head down to Sydney's finest backyard venue, The Gate, this Saturday evening to see Guineafowl perform ALL OF THESE SONGS AND MILLIONS MORE!!! Ok, yeah, still maybe only those last two songs. Unless you beg them heaps for some Springsteen love. Please do.

AND Alps and Karoshi will be playing as well. They're both (also) exceptionally awesome.

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The Bronx
Mercy Arms
The Triffids
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The Strokes
Big Scary
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Titus Andronicus


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So how about Sam's skirt/stockings/boots combo then aye? Fetching.

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