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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 64
Zeal vs Polaroids Of Appleroids: Can't Bottle The Feeling

The majority of this playlist was handplucked by Sir Bobby Zeal himself. We then decided to slice in some of his own tunes as a form of payment because we'd misplaced the metric tonne of Heartbreak High memorabilia we'd promised to give him in exchange for his blood, sweat and fine music taste.

There are also a handful of dating tips sprinkled across the 'mix', because love is a hard nut to crack. And we want to try and rank highly on the Top Ten Hot Sex podcast chart on iTunes. Lube it up for us kiddies.

  1. Zeal - Shiny Dragons
  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Field Work
  3. Deep Puddle Dynamics - June 26th, 1998
  4. Zeal - Gelfing Song
  5. Steve Reich - Section VI
  6. Gerling - Windmills and Birdbaths
  7. Sekiden - Pro 30 300
  8. Zeal - Vigilante
  9. Aleks and the Ramps - No Se Si Es Amor
  10. Frank Zappa - Stairway To Heaven (live)

DOWNLOAD (42 minutes / 38mb)

AND... don't forget that Zeal WeekendTM is just about to kick off! You can catch Mr Z playing his brilliantly confusing melodic jams (with his Guitar Hero controller!!) at The Loft on Friday evening with Alps and Sleep Debt, as well as at The Gate on Saturday with Seekae and Bon Chat, Bon Rat + Zeal.

Note: The Gate show is 1000% sold out, but some last minute tickets might pop up here or there. Keep your eyes glued to something.

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Frank Zappa
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Deep Puddle Dynamics
Steve Reich
Aleks And The Ramps


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