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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 65
Simo Soo vs Polaroids Of Simoroids: Too Soo-n?

Original photo via Chasing Lazers

Here's a tasty little (completely mental) mix that our boy Simo Soo has cooked up for us. Flavour: instant pregnancy.

Of course, it ticks all the standard avante-garde boxes - Rihanna, Beyonce, Collarbones, Freddie Gibbs, Circle Pit etc etc. But SS Wildcunt also makes the clever decision to give several billion bobble-head nods in the direction of the world's most popular/enjoyable music genres, including Euphoric Apocalypse Rave, White Buoy Rap, Backpacking Nerd Rap, Techno Folk and Skattered Brain Wavves. This is more hectic than an all-in "no rules generation" orgy at a Sex Addicts meeting. Raw Hide. Too soon/pull out? Never.

  1. Lio - "Le Banana Split" vs Simo Soo "Yr My Shiny Lunchbox" vs Huggy Bear "Hopscortch"
  2. Juiceboxxx - "I Don't Care" w/ WTEM - "Super Unday"
  3. TheDeathSet - "Yo David Chase! You Pov Shot Me In The Head"
  4. Peechees - "Tea Biscuit To Sho"
  5. Circle Pit - "Hurricane" vs Busta Rhymes - "Woo Hah! Got You All In Check"
  6. Dominque Young Unique - "CEO Girl"
  7. Freddie Gibbs - "National Anthem (Fuck The World)" w/ Catcall "Swimming Pool (Re-Edit)"
  8. Le Paper Dolls - "Birds"
  9. Das Racist - "Rainbow In The Dark"
  10. Teengirl Fantasy - "Gasmaskk"
  11. Ninjasonik - "Don't Tell The World" (featuring Vivian Girls) w/ Simo Soo - "Bike City"
  12. Collarbones - "One Time" (Justin Bieber cover)
  13. Bad Religion - "21st Century Digital Boy (Leg Lifters Remix)"
  14. Tearist - "In Black"
  15. Lushus - "Bending Knees"
  16. XBXRX - "See Skies"
  17. Raooul - "Miguel"
  18. Xuxa - "Ilarie"
  19. Beyonce - "Halo (Simo Soo Remix)" w/ Japanther - "Cable Babies"
  20. Keith! Party - "Cheetah Style"
  21. Rank Sinatra - "I Wanna Know What Love Is" vs Rihanna - "Only Girl In The World"

DOWNLOAD (43 minutes / 98mb)

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