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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 66
Alps vs Polaroids Of Wailroids: See Shanties

Oprah Winfree is on the television right now. Standing on top of some Bridge, telling America/TheWorld that "This Is Australia". But the dosey cow couldn't be more wrong. This little sampling of musical lamb shanks IS Australia. And it's also a bit New Zealand. Hell, she's talking to Russ Crowe now and he was born in East Wellington, so I guess it's a level playing field.

In-between playing some of the finest music currently being produced by this Outstanding Nation, Chris Alps Hearn and Evan Bare Grillz shoot-the-shit chat a little bit, offering up plenty of back stories and trickles of inside information about each song and the artists involved. They also spend a little bit of time promoting their upcoming double-fisting/album launch tour, which kicks off next week. But we endorse the event/s entirely so we let it slide.

  1. Total Control - Paranoid Video
  2. Secrets - Slacker
  3. Kirin J. Callinan - She
  4. Angel Eyes - Dire Dish
  5. Kitchen's Floor - Lander
  6. TV Colours - The Kids Are All Grown Up
  7. Bitch Prefect - Holiday In America
  8. Horse MacGyver - Beta Tape Warp
  9. Assassins 88 - Go Go Second Chance Virgin
  10. Straight Arrows - It Happens Again
  11. Per Purpose - Right To Green
  12. Unity Floors - Bass Song (demo)
  13. Mere Women - Indians
  14. Royal Headache - Girls
  15. Dot Dot Dot - Traumatistic
  16. Tall Dwarfs - The Brain That Wouldn't Die
  17. Brain Cartridge Load Error - Feathers
  18. Drunk Elk - Winter Rivers Is The Night

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Bare Grillz
Total Control
Kirin J. Callinan
Angel Eyes
Kitchen's Floor
TV Colours
Bitch Prefect
Horse MacGyver
Assassins 88
Straight Arrows
Per Purpose
Unity Floors
Mere Women
Dot Dot Dot
Tall Dwarfs
Brain Cartridge Load Error
Drunk Elk


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unity floors and mere women. best.

1 decade ago

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