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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 67
Collarbones vs Polaroids Of Collaroids: Twin Cities (They're Double Teamin' Me)

Smooth. But violent. Collarbones (aka Marcus Whale and Travis Cook) make the kind of music that rubs your back with one hand and violently shivs you in the guts with the other. Unsettled. But the serenity that surrounds it shadows us in warmth. Comfortable cruises through the tranquility of Suburbia are only mirages anyway, perceived in that light because of the vague nightmare snippets of the Apocalypse City blood bath that's in your rear view mirror. But everyone knows that.

The mix the two boys made for us, cooked up over LAN Connections between Adelaide and Sydney, follows this same blueprint. One minute you're sailing through Blu Cantrell lagoon, the next minute a pair of legally-unfit-to-stand-trial pirates called Gucci and Flocka are aboard your Pleasure Cruiser, raping you in every orifice. And both of these moments are just as pleasurable as each other.

  1. Dominique Young Unique - Music for Millions
  2. Cyst Impaled - Tilda Swinton
  3. Dro Carey - Hungry Horse
  4. Hammocks & Honey - Simple Things (Collarbones Remix)
  5. Actress - Always Human
  6. Inner City - Good Life
  7. Cyst Impaled - Holograms
  8. Blawan - Iddy
  9. Whitney Houston - How Will I Know
  10. Pictureplane - Slow It Up
  11. MK - Feel the Fire (MK Burn Up Mix)
  12. Darude - Feel the Beat (Radio Edit)
  13. Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever
  14. Blu Cantrell - Breathe
  15. Peon - Doodoo
  16. Collarbones - Don Juan
  17. DJ Diamond - Gang Bangz
  18. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame - Bite Me
  19. Niva - Ghost In My Head (Collarbones Remix)
  20. Bibio - Excuses
  21. Lil B - Rolls Royce
  22. Sade - Your Love is King
  23. Cyst Impaled - Cannibal
  24. Paul Tremain and His Aristocrats - Four Four Rhythm
  25. Jon Rose - All Gotta Go

DOWNLOAD (34 minutes / 77mb)

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Dro Carey
Dominique Young Unique
Cyst Impaled
Hammocks and Honey
Inner City
Whitney Houston
Liam Lynch
Blu Cantrell
DJ Diamond
Gucci Mane
Waka Flocka Flame
Lil B
Paul Treman and his Aristocats
Jon Rose


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god is dead

these guys!! would ya just look at that tracklist.~

1 decade ago

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