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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 68
Baths vs Polaroids Of Foetusroids: Pre-birth Geometry

CEO of Polaroids Of Canadaroids, Rav, recently sat down with Sir William Wiesenfeld, better known in the Modern Music World as Baths and in the Ambient Music World as Geotic.

Fortunately, somebody recorded their historic meeting/casual chat. Fortunate still, someone emailed a FLAC of the recording to us, complete with a bunch of Baths/Geotic songs mixed in between the shit-shooting, as well as a few musical influence surprises. Of course, this element of surprise is completely ruined by the printing of the tracklisting below. But that in no way makes this any less awesome/historic.

  1. Intro
  2. Baths - Aminals
  3. Classically trained
  4. Bjork - Heirloom
  5. Evolution of home recording
  6. Geotic - Disrobe and Come To Bed
  7. Geotic - People Watching (Baths Redub)
  8. Geotic - Waterway
  9. Currently listening to
  10. Cloud Nothings - Not Important
  11. Working with others
  12. Geotic - Beaming Husband
  13. The next album / Performing live
  14. Baths - Iniuria Palace
  15. Baths - Pop Song
  16. Mood-inspiring soundtracks / Promo / Goodbye
  17. Baths - The Nothing

DOWNLOAD (38 minutes / 87mb)

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1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

big link down the bottom that says "download"..?

1 decade ago


its just a stream.

1 decade ago


@Glugger: Push control, then select the link. It will come up with the 'Download as...' option. Click on that and it should save to your desktop.

1 decade ago


i got it. thanks guys.

1 decade ago

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