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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 73
The Laurels vs Polaroids of Laurieroids: Hardy and Loudly

On a graph of Loud vs Lazy, Sydney's The Laurels are so far right they might as well rename themselves The Freddy Niles. But it's this total disrespect for ear-drums and release schedules that makes The Laurels so bloody great. Heavily baked, but with the sufficient energy resources to drive a billion guitars right into your pathetic little skull. Their long overdue debut EP — released earlier in the year — matched their notoriously blood-burning live show, in both volume and sheer genital-thrusting determination.

We recently sat down with the band (at a fairly noisy pub) to talk to them about their influences, debut album plans and their perceptions of the current Sydney music scene. In-between the shit shootin' we slotted in some semi-relevant music.

  1. The Laurels - Merry Go Round
  2. "The Woonona Boys"
  3. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - That Girl Suicide
  4. "2007 was a glory year"
  5. The Morning After Girls - Fall Before Walking / Slowdown
  6. "Since Ghosts Of Television broke up..."
  7. Ghosts Of Television - Coelacanth
  8. Lyyar - Afterall
  9. "Are you the laziest cunts in Sydney?"
  10. The Laurels - Black Cathedral
  11. "Hip-hop"
  12. RZA - Untitled #12 (Ghost Dog)
  13. "You're really fucking loud"
  14. Richard In Tour Mind - Maybe When The Sun Comes Down
  15. "The EP"
  16. The Laurels - Radio Daze (Demo)
  17. "Kingsmill complisults, downloading music, the album"
  18. The Laurels - Art School Girl

DOWNLOAD (57 minutes / 78mb)

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The Laurels
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Morning After Girls
Ghosts Of Television
Richard In Your Mind


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