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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 74
This Winter

Every year around this time something takes hold. Call it hibernation, animal instinct, comfort retreat or merely a negative mood brought about due to the surrounding climate. Regardless, our musical focus follows suit, wandering sonics taking the place of any form of pop sensibility or linear motions. We seek to dive deeply in, surround ourselves with thick layers of percussion, warming harmonic glows and richly dense compositions. And here we are now. Mostly Australian folks, because the rest of the world is currently sun-baking themselves to death and they don't understand what we're saying, joyfully ignoring our deathly groans and frozen flipped fingers of frustration. Mostly unhappy. And angsty. And grinding. And floaty. Badly mixed because we're not disc jocks and you're not in a night club bashing Seal to death with your batons. Numb it up.

  1. Jonathan Boulet - Piao Voca Slung / Cent Voix
  2. Mannheim Rocket - Eora (Part II & Epilogue)
  3. Joe McKee - Lunar Sea
  4. Machine Death - You Ruin Everything
  5. Major Napier - Laugh Laugh/Make A Heart With Your Hands
  6. Wooshie - Song For My Father
  7. Emily Grantham - Vacancy
  8. Guerre & Scissor Lock - Show You
  9. Vital Organs - Helix
  10. Mere Women - Waiting Room

DOWNLOAD (38 minutes / 86mb)

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Jonathan Boulet
Mannheim Rocket
Machine Death
Joe McKee
Major Napier
Emily Grantham
Scissor Lock
Vital Organs
Mere Women


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