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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 76
Everyone is a little bit Rav

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Shit, it's another chitter-chatter podcast, blasted straight into your face glands like a well-timed throat punch from an aggressive polar bear and/or "Southern Cross Shane" down at the local. On this episode we tackle hot topics such as Communism, excessive volumes of Emails and how bloody ordinary Sydney Nolan is/was. We also play some of our favourite songs that are mostly new, but also some that are fairly old and worn out like the clicking fingers of a commie dictator, deleting complaint emails from iconic Australian painters at an alarming rate. Even less Radiohead is played on this episode than the last one.

  1. SPOD - Not Lookin' For A Blue
  2. Mac Demarco - Ode To Viceroy
  3. Jason Molina - Heart My Heart
  4. Lenin Lennon - Dead At 23
  5. Rihanna - Diamonds (Remix) (featuring Maino)
  6. Xyloid - Fuck Diamonds
  7. Ty Segall - Thank God For The Sinners
  8. Chelsea Wolfe - Flatlands
  9. Straight Arrows - All The Time
  10. Bill Fox - For Anyone That You Love
  11. Telecom - 200 Frozen Hamburgers

And, as promised, here's that link to the Straight Arrows web-shop.

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