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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 77
Pro-Nuns Nation

On this enthralling podcast episode we discuss this...

...and this classic...

But life isn't all about assassinating former legends with satirical bullets whilst dry humping with ya mates, it's also about crashing computers into the sunshine, the ARIAs, The Simpsons, "babes" interconnecting with "summer vibes", The Tooee Awards, Shihad, jihad, Pacificer fans who aren't riot grrrrllls, acoustics, burning CD-Rs for your dad for Xmas, chores, surfie vibes, wearing skinny jeans at an airport and bloody fans. In that exact order.

Here's a list of songs...

  1. The Temper Trap - My Sun
  2. Rat King - Frank Grimes
  3. The Fresh & Onlys - Dream Girls
  4. Army Girls - The Power
  5. King Louie - OD
  6. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)
  7. Woods - Cali In A Cup
  8. Kate Boy - Northern Lights
  9. Wu-Block - Cocaine Central
  10. Fabolous - Beauty (featuring Wale)

And here's the download earl you skimmed through this to find...

DOWNLOAD (52 minutes / 71mb)

No more Easter/Christmas Eggs!

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The Temper Trap
Rat King
The Fresh and Onlys
Army Girls
King Louie
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Kate Boy
Wu-Tang Clan


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