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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 78
Here Are Some Things We Never Spoke About In 2012

This down-sized, half-speed economy has crippled us all. Some more than others (ie. Jonny's awkward "ffffanks" lisp is even more pronounced on this episode) and during this calendar year PoA Pty Ltd has taken a blow. Mid-year tax-write-off orgy boat cruises, right? Maybe that's when we missed all this stuff. Because, yeah, we're man enough to tea bag a diseased hooker and we're man enough to admit when some things have slipped past us like Ian Healy. Of course, we're not talking sundries and his panther-like wicket-keeper reflexes, but his consistently loose tongue whilst in the commentary box, as well as on SS Deep Throat after a few Bundy and cokes.

So, here's a collection of artists/songs/movements that were never discussed within the confines of this website during The Twenty Twelve, but probably should have been.

  1. Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses - Everyone's Alone
  2. Advance Base - Riot Grrrls
  3. Nada Surf - Clear Eye Clouded Mind
  4. Matthew Dear - Earthforms
  5. Trinidad Jame$ - Givin No Fucks
  6. Immigrant Union - My Heart's A Joke
  7. Metz - Get Off
  8. Gashcat - Lady Of The Ark
  9. Jeff The Brotherhood - Sixpack

DOWNLOAD (73 minutes / 87mb)

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Tex Perkins
Advance Base
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Nada Surf
Matthew Dear
Trinidad James
Immigrant Union
JEFF The Brotherhood


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Metz are bloody great.

1 decade ago

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