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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 79
Polaroids Of Publicityroids (Xmas Edition)

You know what, sometimes Banner Adverts don't cut through, your artistically directed Viral Videos don't get trolled by Media Watch and that guy you paid to stand on a street corner and just flip a placard of your logo decides he's gonna skip town, with your wife. Most of these issues can be easily fixed with one answer — podcasts.

So here's one. Just a fragment of a marketing plan. Just a few minutes of music and voices that has been put together with the soul purpose of convincing you to dust off your Friday Best and get down to our Xmas party. This Friday. Petersham Bowling Club. Ten dollars. And featuring all the bands contained within this cleverly orchestrated promotional activity (except The Smith Street Band who we just wanted to play because it's a real sack-puncturing song).

  1. Unity Floors - Identity Theft
  2. Matt Banham - String Song (featuring Stephanie Crase)
  3. Tucker Bs - Forget All These Fuckss
  4. No Through Road - Party To Survive
  5. Tucker Bs - Tonne Of Bricks
  6. Unity Floors - Bass Song
  7. No Through Road - The Final Song For Ally Mcbeal
  8. The Smith Street Band - Sunshine & Technology

DOWNLOAD (48 minutes / 67mb)

Let us know if you want a super XXL version of this flyer to hang on your wall...

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Matt Banham
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