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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 8
Magic? What Tragic?

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Episode 8

On this episode (between songs) we solve the mysteries of the universe.

And we finally play some songs about POLARBEARS!

  1. The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
  2. The Polar Bear Project - Procrastination Way
  3. Polar Bear - To Touch The Red Brick
  4. Blitzen Trapper - Whiskey Kisser (Kittenz Remix)
  5. NBA Dreams - NBA Official Basketball Pump Up Song (edit)
  6. Jens Lekman - The Wrong Hands
  7. Flunk - On My Balcony
  8. Blonde Redhead - In Particular
  9. Bit By Bats - Dance The Dance
  10. Walrus - Out Here
  11. Love Outside Andromeda - Gonna Try To Be A Girl
  12. David Bowie - Andy Warhol
  13. Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
  14. Yummy Bingham - Come Get It
  15. People in Planes - If You Talk Too Much My Head Will Explode

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Jens Lekman
Blonde Redhead
Bit By Bats
Love Outside Andromeda
Arcade Fire
The Raconteurs
The Polar Bear Project
Polar Bear
Blitzen Trapper
NBA Dreams
David Bowie
Yummy Bingham
People In Planes


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