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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 80
#welcome #to #2013

Hashtag hashtag backslash. Unfortunately, there's no mention of Slash, aka Gun from comedic duo Guns & Roses, on this little chitty chatter audio fixture. But there is a little (read: 12 minute) mention of Sum 41. And rollerblades. And an explanation on why Rav used to take his shirt off (a lot!) in his former life as a Slash impersonator. Somehow, in the midst of all that, we found time to dip into The Current and play some of our favourite new(ish) songs. And one from Jonny Telafone.

  1. Bed Wettin Bad Boys - Any Day Now
  2. The Men - Electric
  3. Courtney Barnett - History Eraser
  4. Jonny Telafone - The End
  5. PAWS - Sore Tummy
  6. Yo La Tengo - Ohm
  7. Parquet Courts - Stoned and Starving
  8. Milk Teddy - Zingers
  9. Hell Setzer - Personal Business Website

DOWNLOAD (57 minutes / 78mb)

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Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
The Men
Courtney Barnett
Jonny Telafone
Parquet Courts
Milk Teddy
Hell Setzer


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