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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 82
Have a long one, Mate

Death, reunions and how The Strokes (probably) ruined everything. All that discussed, dissected and desexed. Oh, yes, we also talked about getting desexed. What an episode.

  1. Songs: Ohia - Farewell Transmission
  2. The Strokes - 80's Comedown Machine
  3. Wavves - Afraid Of Heights
  4. Kiosk - Sleeping Alone
  5. The Men - I Saw Her Face
  6. The Wesley Snipers - Devil Girl

DOWNLOAD (45 minutes / 65mb)

Additional literature: On Being Radiant by Adam Lewis (spoiler: it's about Kiosk)

Additional retail therapy: Wesley Snipers on Label State

Additional visual stimulation:

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Jason Molina
Songs: Ohia
Magnolia Electric Co
The Strokes
The Men
The Wesley Snipers


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