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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 84
Taller, Slower, Heavier

We back. Like Kevin 2027. But there's very little Political Chatter on this episode, even though it was recorded as the first ballot boxes of the recent Federal Election We Had To Have were being rounded up, distilled and racially profiled. Worth avoiding as well, as politics is a scary beast at the best of times. Speaking of which, this episode features two of the most hideously tall beings currently residing in Sydney — The Big Steves. Special investigative/revealing fourteen-page 'spread' on them coming very very soon.

In the meantime, look at this small list of songs and download some chatter below:

  1. Royal Headache - Stand and Stare
  2. Chastity Belt -
  3. Cheap Girls - Ruby
  4. Michael Beach - Straight Spines
  5. King Krule - Neptune Estate

DOWNLOAD (31 minutes / 75mb)

Public apology: Rav's pronunciation of the word "beverages" with an over-the-top French accent. We're very very sorry.

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Royal Headache
Chastity Belt
Cheap Girls
Michael Beach
King Krule


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