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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 86
No Good (Winter)

Welcome back mates. We'd pat you on the backside and tell ya "it's good to see your face again", but that might be a touch premature as you've been dipping in and out of this Web Radio format for decades. So, let's treat this with a certain element of caution. But, at the same, let's wholeheartedly celebrate it as something considerably more significant than what it is.

Because this is the return of our dormant podcast series. Featuring "old mate" and local legend, Jasper Clifford Smith, former Warhorse frontman and current part-time rapper, full-time CEO of local imprint — No Good Records. It's Diddy, without all the Diddy-isms.

No Good will welcoming themselves into the world with an all-day festival on June 8 at the Petersham Bowling Club. To get you/me/Joe Pubic Region familiar with those who will be performing, we decided to ask Smithy [nickname relevance required] to put together a little preview mix for us. Enjoy. Better still, manually (re-)subscribe to this wee pod. We're still lobbying Jobsy to let us back into the Apple Store, but we're also not holding our breathes.

  1. Moon Holiday - Definitely
  2. MAATZI - Youcancallme MAATZI
  3. Loose Change - Shoosh! (Ft. Meklit)
  4. Power Moves - SELFISH
  5. Simo Soo - BURN
  6. b00bjob - god bless u but ay shut up
  7. Rainbow Chan - Sweet Tooth
  8. Marky Vaw - Twice A Day (featuring b00bjob)
  9. Yon Yonson - Closer To The Sun
  10. Tanned Christ - Whoever Wins Gets Born
  11. Jasper Clifford Smith - Fight
  12. Nakagin - Bloom

DOWNLOAD (40 minutes / 96mb)

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No Good Records
Moon Holiday
Loose Change
Power Moves
Simo Soo
Rainbow Chan
Marky Vaw
Yon Yonson
Tanned Christ
Jasper Clifford Smith


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