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Polaroids Of Androids


Episode 87
Straight Arrows

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Hard to believe, but Straight Arrows have now been around this place (Sydney) for seven odd years. Odd times too, including cutting their teeth at now-defunct gay bars and cutting their everything else whilst attempting inductions into solo mile-high clubs. But it's not all fun, games and larrikining, these cunts just love dispelling your previous dispersions about where the defined limits of punk and garage and Music Genres actually exist.

With their second album, Rising, on it's way (out Friday, June 13), we decided to sit down with two of these perfectly undeviated arrowers — Owen Penglis and Al Grigg — to discuss where they've been and what they've done. There's some little songs sliced in the gaps as well because; a) slam-dancing about architecture and; b) these cunts/legends have recorded some corkers over the years.

  1. Straight Arrows - Jeepster (snippet)
  2. Straight Arrows - Can't Count
  3. Red Riders - What They Say About Us
  4. Straight Arrows - From The Start
  5. Straight Arrows - Gone
  6. Straight Arrows - Don't Call My Name
  7. Straight Arrows - Petrified
  8. Palms - This Last Year (snippet)
  9. Angie - Parallels (snippet)
  10. The Knits - God Damn Shame
  11. TV Colours - Water Runs Cold (Harmony cover)
  12. Straight Arrows - Never Enough

The Rising launch tour kicks off this week as well...

Friday, June 13: Wombarra Bowling Club, Wombarra
Saturday, June 14: Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Friday, June 20: The Brightside, Brisbane
Saturday, June 28: Fishbowl, Newcastle
Saturday, July 12: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

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Straight Arrows


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