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Polaroids Of Androids


Twenty 10

These (probably) aren't the best songs of the year. Hell, I don't even think they were all recorded and/or released this year. But in millions of ways this feels like an accurate summary of the music landscape — the peaks, the troughs and the back-alleys — that was the Year Of Our Satan, 2010.

It has been separated into two easily consumable MP3s, partly because Garage Band is a little whining bitch and partly because there was a logical dividing line required. The songs have also been lightly "mixed" together, not because The Creator has Girl Talk aspirations but because he/she thinks that every second on this is as important, if not more important, than the one it proceeds. No skipping. No Arcade Fire. No Paul Simon Weekend Retreat. And, of course, no fucking Girl Talk.

Part 1 (53 minutes, 122mb)

  1. Ariel Pink's Answering Machine Message
  2. James Blake - CMYK
  3. Horse MacGyver - Nod
  4. Horse MacGyver - Rub (edit)
  5. Fishing - Boyfriend (featuring Guerre)
  6. Twin Shadow - Slow
  7. Baths - Seaside Town
  8. Twin Sister - The Other Side Of Your Face
  9. Lil B - She Don't Love Me
  10. Earl - Wakeupfaggot (skit)
  11. Tyler, The Creator - French! (featuring Hodgy Beats)
  12. Tyler, The Creator - Bastard (edit)
  13. Gonjasufi - Ancestors ((Dreamtime) Mark Pritchard Remix)
  14. Gold Panda - You (Pt. 2)
  15. Deerhunter - Helicopter (Star Slinger Remix)
  16. Hype Williams - Ooovrrr
  17. Salem - Redlights
  18. Gucci Mane - What Did You Expect? (skit)
  19. Big Boi - Shine Blockas (featuring Gucci Mane)
  20. Kanye West - All Of The Lights

Part 2 (39 minutes, 90mb)

  1. Royal Headache - Honey Joy (live)
  2. TV Colours - The Kids Are All Grown Up
  3. Bed Wettin Bad Boys - We Don't Wanna Know
  4. Straight Arrows - It Begins
  5. Nude Beach - Skeleton Handshake
  6. Street Chant - Blister
  7. Wavves - Post Acid
  8. Surf City - Crazy Rulers Of The World
  9. Frightened Rabbit - Nothing Like You
  10. Best Coast - Goodbye
  11. Cloud Nothings - Understand At All
  12. Summer Camp - Round The Moon
  13. The Mint Chicks - Say Goodbye
  14. Zeal - Clouds
  15. Menomena - INTIL

Editor Notes:
1. Yes, that really is Ariel Pink's answering machine message.
2. Yes, I will sell you his phone number.
3. The live recording of Royal Headache's "Honey Joy" was recorded by Sydney Tapes (R.I.P.) at the Annandale Hotel on September 17, 2009. Download the full set here.


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