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Polaroids Of Androids

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Download Ghoul's debut EP for FREE

Ghoul are currently offering up their debut EP, A Mouthful Of Gold, as a FREE download. You can also get a FREE physical copy of the EP at their official launch show at the end of the month.

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i love this

1 decade ago


it's great to see emerging bands beginning to grasp the value of giving away their recorded music. I think it's a really valuable investment in a band's early life.

this EP is sounding both creepy and pretty darn good on my first listen! will continue to spin it...

think they may need to find another name though, judging from last.fm

it's a bit sad that the official release is tagged with a mispelt album name, has a track without a track number, and there's no cover image embedded :(

heh, that's a total whinge considering I just had a band give me their whole EP for free. shut up joe.

1 decade ago


it's in the pile. need to get around to it.

1 decade ago


ivan has an interesting new haircut...

1 decade ago

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