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Stream new Black Lips album on Last FM

Over at Last FM you can currently stream the new Black Lips album, 200 Million Thousand, in it's entirety. The record will be released locally by Speak N Spell on March 14.

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Black Lips


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ugh. I heard the record a couple weeks ago through speak n spell. it broke my heart a little bit. utterly unremarkable. but maybe I need to listen again...

1 decade ago


i agree. it's kind of dull. always sort of felt that the black lips were kind of a one-trick pony - rip off on a chorus and then add some lofi + billy... this album proves it, some nice tracks but they've surely never sounded so much like the velvet underground.

my favourite BL album has always been that live one they did in Tijuana. sums them up a bit.

1 decade ago

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