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Polaroids Of Androids


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Spit Shine

I guess when an artist's name is just a bunch of slashes and triangles then it's pretty safe to assume that - a) they aren't really interested in getting played on Saturday morning Video Hits and; b) they're the kind of person that feels most at ease with their creative work when they're hidden away behind a few dozen layers of mystery.

In fact, I only know this is one person (and not a cult of tree-dwelling spiritual hologram children from the 60s) because a random fella on the street stopped me and told me that the solid gold tune coming out of my boombox was a composition by his pal Tim Dwyer, who resides in a town called Canberra. Hardly a concrete Wikipedia fact but at this stage I'll take any info I can get.

/ / / ▲ ▲ ▲ \ \ \, which I believe translates in English to 'Void', makes trippy hip-hop beats. It's not really hip-hop and it's not really that depressing, monotone junk that is called trip-hop either. It's more like hip-hop beats that are falling over their out-of-fashion baggy jeans as they attempt to booty grind to their parents' warped Bootsy Collins vinyl collection. Perfectly laid back spaced jams that make Spliffy Sunday the best day of the week and losing twelve days wandering around a bright coloured forest a pleasant lil' adventure.

Spit Shine features on the latest New Weird Australia compilation, which you can download from here. You can also wrap your ears around loads more brilliant beats by Mr Void over at his MySpacer.

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