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Polaroids Of Androids


Adam Gibson
Long Time Dead

It was recently brought to my attention that; a) Modern Giant's Satellite Nights was released 14 years ago; b) that lil' doodle from the Nevermind cover has offspring that are validated Tinder users and; c) the days of participated in the glorious task of paying less than two dollars for a schooner of full-strength beer at a Sydney pub (before or after 1am) are well-n-truly over. Because I'm as old you think I am. And I currently find myself wedged in that ever-shrinking divide between my actual age and the age I pretend to be. Suffice to say that being drunk on a Wednesday night with kids on horse tranqs isn't exactly ideal. And at this point sitting on the couch reading Mojo magazine sounds like a much more desirable destination. Thankfully, like most circumstances, I'm not alone...

Long Time Dead is the lead single from the Modern Giant's forthcoming solo record, Australia Restless, which is set to be released sometime this year. Head over to GibboCloud to hear a compilation he's recently put together, featuring some older songs, as well as a bunch of (mostly unmastered) songs from the new album.

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Adam Gibson


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