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Arcade Fire

Update (September 9, 3pm): Audio has been removed now.

Update (September 9, 4pm): Red Eye in Sydney will have copies of the vinyl (presumably the single) available from 9pm tonight.

Hung over?

Yeah, us too.

This might Berocca a little:

The new, highly-anticipated title single from the Arcade Fire's forthcoming collaborative album with James Murphy, Reflektor, has just leaked and unlike last night's election results, the LCD Fire System is a soul-saving rather than soul-crushing experience. #auspol

The song is a strangely satisfying mixture of everything and nothing we expected. It flows with funky beats, showering droplets of electronica, and sleazy sax — but retains the melancholy croon of Win Butler's vocals and the obligatory French school-girl passages from Regine Chassagne that we've come to love/hate (depending on your political preference) from the indie overlords throughout the last decade.

AF had already made inroads towards a dance-inspired sound towards the end of their last record, 2010's The Suburbs, with songs like Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) but Reflektor takes those LEGO blocks and builds a towering, illegal, underground, 1980s, West Berlin discoteque upon them.

And spoiler alert, listen in to the background vocals at 4.50min — that's rumoured to be a cameo from the original king of Euro 80s disco himself, Kaiser David Bowie.

Reflektor was originally scheduled for release from the Montreal suburbs at 9pm on the 9th of the 9th, so hopefully this slightly lo-fi, muddled recording will sound a little more polished when the official release manages to bubble it's way to the surface of the interweb in a couple of days.

And according to the band's website, the single should be available for sale exclusively at Red Eye Records in Australia as of Tuesday too.

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Alex Coutts

I first heard this a couple of days ago and can't stop listening! I thought I heard Bowie too! Is the vinyl version of the single coming out at 9pm tonight or 9/9 at 9pm Montreal time? I thought it was a worldwide release for 9pm on 9/9 in each timezone. Anyway, I'm in Tokyo and there's one record store here (pinpointed on the Reflektor map page) which will be selling the vinyl, I'm going there tonight to see if they'll have it.

9 years ago

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