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Polaroids Of Androids


Assassins 88
Trouble (w/ TV Colours) + Wildwood Girl

First cabby out on the rack we have Trouble, a new Assassins 88 and TV Colours double-team "heartbreak love ballad", buried in the same thicky-sticky spunk we've come to expect from both pioneering gutter-punx outfits. It's their contribution to a new split 7" with French cunts Catholic Spray and is available now via Eighteen Records.

Harnessing a similar nostalgic love/lust slant (poofs), Wildwood Girl is a slightly older Assassins 88 jam which the band have just put together a video for. The song was inspired by a 1994 documentary about the world of New Jersey trash-fair-boardwalkin', fitting then that the clip is sliced together with footage from two documentaries about the "sub-culture" — Wildwood Boardwalk (1986) and Wildwood, NJ (1994), which can be purchased on DVD here.

Wildwood Girl features on the group's new Beach People EP, which is expected to be available via Dream Damage any day now.

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Assassins 88
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