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Polaroids Of Androids


Bare Grillz
Cheetohs (featuring Assassins 88)

The letter S doesn't equal the letter Z. Fact. Thus you and your Adventuring Wilderness Survivalists can throw as many lawsuits as you like in the direction of The Steel City (or even those wild cunts over in The Zteel City). Because just like the tree sap you use to put up the white flag to alert your rescuers/producers to your current "life threatening" predicament — it just won't stick. And here Newcastle's finest legal bullet dodgers continue to laugh in the face of an impending 5 to 10 minimum sentence, taking the name of a delicious cheese-flavoured testicle snack and pretending they weren't paying homage to it's nutritional value by throwing a cheeky little H into the title. Their strong defence is bolstered further by an appearance from Assassins 88, who are known for dabbling in the odd bit of copyright denial in their own right, but are mostly just Famous for their patented Drowned In Punk sound and exquisite lobbying abilities. A double-skilled attack not unlike the audible communication here, which is rhythmic-focused yet happily falling out of step with it's own inner-monotone and continually attempting to play catch-up. It's a magnificently confusing mess, with all involved obtained numerous kilograms of joy from blurring the logical borders between the two primary entities. Not unlike the amazing world of Cat Breeding, which has recently gone forth with the plan to merge the genetic properties of the Bengal — already a hybrid of the domestic feline and the Asian leopard — with the "wild-looking" Ocicat breed. Fucking chaos.

Cheetohs will feature on The Grizzlies' forthcoming debut LP, Friends, which will be released by Dream Damage and Y202 Records later in the year.

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Bare Grillz
Assassins 88


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