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Polaroids Of Androids



Those legends over at Rose Quartz already beat us to the Web Punch on this one (do you cunts have jobs or what, aye?) and the Who The Fkkking Hell kids followed suit earlier today, so as far as 'blog smash hits' go, this song is pretty much the equivalent of me blawging about how Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper just crashed their plane during the Great Icelandic Volcano Explosion of 2008.

BUT.. the truth is, this is just too damn awesome to not throw some words at.

Unless you've been living under a rock that exists in an office workplace which bans this website, then know already know that we love the pants off Bearhug. But Grapefruit, the first little taste from their upcoming, highly anticipated (proper) debut EP, To Anything, is definitely a creative step forward for the group - featuring both a more natural flow and an irresistibly addictive pop edge.

As to be expected, considering this is their first studio recording, there's a touch more shine throughout. But, thankfully, all of the characteristics that we originally lusted about the group - their trademark jangly bedroom pop and their unique haunting vocals - have not been at all abandoned during this obvious transition.

To Anything is out on June 25 via Spunk.

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