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Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
Nobody Else

Last Friday night was my first chance to see the worst/best band in Sydney, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, since they scrapped their ambitious Revolving/Revolting Drummer System and expanded from a trashy trio into a trashy/formidable quatro. To say the performance was a fucking blissful and noisy and exciting and life-affirming experience would be both a complete exaggeration and also the Cold Hard Truth of the matter, dependent on your vantage point inside Red Rattler and levels of life experience.

Here is the video for the group's latest single, Nobody Else, from a 7" the band will be birthing to the world on June 20 via R.I.P Society Records. The video, directed by Angela Bermuda, was filmed inside the band's old Ultimo rehearsal space, which, due to their expanding member list, is now too small to accommodate their needs.

To celebrate the new release the band will be hitting the road in June/July with Melbourne's Woollen Kits, who will also be releasing a new 7" on June 20 via R.I.P Society. The Bed Wetters have also started locking in the details for a US tour with Royal Headache later in the year.

Bed Wettin Bad Boys / Woollen Kits Double 7" Launch Tour
Friday, June 17: The Workers Club, Melbourne
Saturday, June 25: Woodland, Brisbane
Friday, July 8: The Roxbury, Sydney

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Bed Wettin' Bad Boys


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