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Best Coast
Each and Every Day (live on Letterman)

Not trying to over-analyse everything this babe lady does as she slowly but surely starts to get the International Press Coverage/Exposure she deserves, but there's lot's to love about her (and her band's) performance on Letterman overnight.

Of course, there's the obligatory mentions of Snacks The Cat, with both DL and Betsy giving slightly awkward shout-outs. The lil' messiah is edging closer and closer to it's own MTV reality show by the day. Seconded. More importantly, there's the performance itself. Slightly heavier rendition of Each and Every Day than the LP version, with Badass Bruno smashing away like it was a Cannibal Corpse show. Kinda. Intriguing still is Bethany herself (obvs) as she switches from angelic babe (obvs) into a hoarse-voiced angsty bitch with a whole backpack full of determination/frustration/lust, reminiscent of Courtney Love/Cox* at her most relevant.

Hurry up March.

* You know when Cox gets all angsty that she's burnt the pavlova or something.

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