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Betty Airs
Jennifer's Enemy

Nobody's disputing the fact that Darren Cross (aka The E.L.F aka Gerling Bro aka The Original Donny aka Doncaster Cup) is a total sick maniac. Whether he's choking the world with the loose cannon wildness of G For Sadness, or acting like the greatest ever disco lunatic in a homemade video, there is no doubt that the lil' trooper has alway given 110%.

And his newest project, a lo-fi garage, grunge, 60s swing-yo-hips three piece called Betty Airs, is no different.

Actually.. maybe we should start at the beginning.

A couple weeks ago Mr Cross emailed me telling me about his new band and their first recorded song. He caught me in the midst of a Jadakiss / hardcore rap binge, and thus the song got lost somewhere in the grey area between my late-night-walking-with-headphones obsession and the real world. The song (and it's lovely accompanying video) started popping up all over Blog Town in the week or so that followed and I assumed that Cross Dawg had moved on, finding another avenue to assist in spreading the word.

Then a few days ago Dazza popped up again in my inbox, with undeniably one of the greatest emails I have ever received. Ok, so maybe not. I mean there was no mention of Nigerian Dildo Clubs or what the Philly Jays had for breakfast, but it was still fairly amazing.

Some highlights...

"hows the married life!"

"2 drummer back ups vocals!!!"

"E.L.F is on ice at the moment"

"i have also complete a debut solo record under the DREN CRSS banner....which is like Electronic Phil Spector indiecore!"

"Still getting 6 hours a nigt sleep which is great!"

"pip pip"

You are a fucking legend Mr Cross. Don't ever go changing.

Jennifer's Enemy is, as mentioned somewhere in all that puffy puff, the band's first slice of recorded material - and it's fairly killer. It starts off at one end of town, being on some mild smoke-a-bowl nostalgic shit, before turning on everyone in the room and stabbing them, melting their bodies down to a glue-like substance and giving them a solid huff. A little bit of The Vines before Nicholls murdered that photographer and went Crazy Town.

Betty Airs will play their FIRST EVER SHOW on April 2 (Good Friday) at Annandale Hotel. The details (ie. whether or not Gerling will be supporting and playing A Day Of Research from start to finish) is still fairly unconfirmed at this stage. Watch this space kiddles.

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"E.L.F is on ice at the moment"

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