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Polaroids Of Androids


Betty Airs
She's The Juan

Sydney's Best Party BandTM. If you were in attendance at the group's (now) legendary Playground Weekender performance last week then you'll understand that outlandish title/label. And you'll probably still be trapped in a conga line somewhere. Get out bro/babe. It's time to go back to work. Put the bongo down.

But Betty Airs aren't just Fun. They're also about Music. Yes, they're not "one of those bands", they're more like "one of those bands". And their songs compliment their 1800-P-A-R-T-Y approach to performing. The latest of which is called She's The Juan. Give it a listen. It's sitting up the top there just kinda chilling, sipping a slightly questionably discoloured pina el mojito.

She's The Juan features on the group's debut EP Creepin' It Real, alongside previously party jams Reverse Now and Jennifer's Enemy. Grab yourself a HQ digital copy via the band's camp.

And the party doesn't pause just because the band have achieved another Solid Life Goal (ie. recording ain't easy/free). You can catch them playing all over Sydney over the next few months, including TONIGHT at 34B, as well as doing their official EP launch at the inaugural Polaroids Of Goodroids party on March 24 (more on that later/soon). All of these shows will also feature recently recruited bass player, Patrick Matthews, formerly of The Vines and Youth Group.

Friday, February 25: 34B/Q Bar, Oxford St
w/ The Fabergettes

Saturday, March 12: The Towny, Newtown
w/ 49 Goodbyes and The Faults

Saturday March 19: Annandale Hotel, Annandale
w/ Ghostwood, Young Revelry and Laura Imbruglia

Thursday, March 24: Good God Small Club - EP Launch
Polaroids Of Goodroids #1
w/ Guerre and Unity Floors

Saturday, April 2: Glebe Hockey Clubhouse Fundraiser, Glebe
w/ Made In Japan, Teenage Horse, The Faults and Richie Balmerino

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Betty Airs


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