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Polaroids Of Androids


Big Dingo
Greystanes Park

You Beauty, Paul Macadam, Footy Shorts and now Big Dingo. Not sure of the origin [pun intended], but I for one welcome this long-overdue intersection between rugby league and music. Of course, this is at least partly because of the former's association with great things such as VB can-slamming contests, greyhounds and (of course) dropping a nut outside your footy shorts moments before the team photo.

From the [unofficial] Big Dingo press page...

We're ready to be the 2014 Premiers of the Australian music scene and Bring the Winfield cup back to where it belongs — Narrandera and Greystanes.

And here's part one of that home-coming — an ode to the Western suburb of Sydney. Eels territory, but half your mates have probably been raised to think the Magpies play the game in it's most purest (read: brutal) form. Presumably the dedication to peaceful, remote country New South Wales towns and the magnificent league players they produce is currently being prepped as the B-side.

Big Dingo is the new musical adventure of Charles Buddy Daaboul of No Art, Danny Pope of Dead China Doll and Jonnie Park (the original drummer in DCD). They'll be making their first(?) public appearance at this Sunday's Bad Day Out festival.

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