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Polaroids Of Androids


Alphabet II

Here's the second instalment in the Alphabet series from BL▲CK (formerly Black Soul, always David Smith), including letters K to R (inclusive). "From ketamine to rohypnol and everything in-between!" is how the Press Robots would probably tagline this. An unjust move, seeing as the drugged-out, mind-numbed zombie element is only part of the story here. The seamless 18-minute mix treks from a fabulous destruction of 808 hip-hop drum-machine beats into clean-cut television samples re-moulded as call-and-response breakouts, before closing out with some genuinely expansive pieces that stretch the linearity of Smith's previous compositions into a brighter and more ambitious place altogether. It remains, for the most part, a single-minded narrative, a clearly focused exercise, relentlessly drilling home an idea rather than attempting to drag the endpoints out into an unnecessary 3rd dimension. An advancement from the previous instalment, without losing any of the fantastic mechanical brutality.

Download Alphabet II via BL▲CK's Bandcamp. Part one (A-J) available here.

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