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Polaroids Of Androids


Black Soul

"Things ive made in my spare time, the rest of the alphabet to be released when i have more spare time", says David Sweet Teeth about his blissfully brutal solo adventure, Black Soul. This work-in-progress format perfectly suits these beat snippets, which are seemingly created in a temporary skin, awaiting a few extra layers of detail*. But just like the hero of the iconic UnderConstruction.gif, the linear operation of this single task is only half the tale. Take a small step back mate, you'll notice the condescending, deadpan expression of the footpath underneath, vacantly starring deep into your dark and empty soul. Just begging for a punchin' through it's cerebral cement walls. Repeatedly. Until all parties involved are completely paralysed by a beautifully peaceful numbness.

Stream the first ten instalments below and/or download a portable version here. For best results: headphones.

*Unconfirmed rumours are that future endeavours may include some vocal collaborations.

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Black Soul
Sweet Teeth


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