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Polaroids Of Androids


Black Vanilla
Woman On Woman

Oh, that's just some bird on the phone, checking up on you. Making sure you're ok and not Getting Suicidal. Kinda like that new-ish Drake song. But while the lady in Drake's Dreams might be hanging up on him because he's had a couple too many Heinekens, it's impossible to imagine a world where a crooning collective such as Black Vanilla get served any form of rejection that isn't at least proceeded by some form of Deep Throat Cleansing.

Speaking of Dental Hygiene and Violent Mouth Intercourse, this song is wetter than a naked trek down a summer slippery slide. And as smooth as your torso once you burn off the top layer of Man Hair attempting this ridiculous December 1st ritual. Luckily, your mates are filming it and you're guaranteed to at least get a minor prize in next year's Australia's Got Funny Videos & Talent contest. Except instead they accidentally send in that lady-on-lady sex tape you made a few months back. Which falls into the hands of highly-powerful television executive Larry Emdur and subsequently transformed into a 12-part mini-series. Bitter sweet victories all 'round.

Black Vanilla is the name of a Thai Boy Band, who as far as I can gather are hotter than twelve Corey Haim & Extra Chilli Sandwiches. Black Vanilla is also the name of a new Sydney-based live collective, featuring Guerre, Scissor Lock and Marseilles. It's the latter that's responsible for this incredibly fantastic/moist song. Sexy Times. Hold the Thai Red Curry.

Black Vanilla will be making their debut performance (?) in a couple of weeks at Easter Aquarium III, a super-duper night hosted by those blog legends (blegends) over at Life Aquatic and East To West. Also on the bill is Collarbones, Guerre, Glisk, Cleptocleptics and Ki Mono. Tickets are just $10 and available now via Eventarc.

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Black Vanilla
Scissor Lock


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this is really great !!! the review/write up AND the track

1 decade ago


nope, it's their second show! THIS one is the debut

1 decade ago

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