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The Nightmare (demos)

Remember this fucking guy?

Of course we do (Children of the 90s) with our Keppa parts full of urine after just five minutes playing this Multimedia Board Game, nervous laffs as we try and convince ourselves that DVD technology wasn't an ultra-scary concept of the future that'll undoubtedly give us stomach cancer. Writing down our Greatest Fear In The World on a small slip of paper, quickly scribbling out "death" and changing it to "turds falling from the sky" when we realise our mates weren't taking this therapeutic group session seriously.

Conversely, David Kevin Smith of the Sweet Teeth familia (RIP) now seems to very much be taking his side-project, BLVCK (re-formatted for the HTML-entity-free world from BL▲CK), seriously. That glorious sense of spontaneity may now be gone, but in it's place there's a greater sense of depth and patience. Wait for the composition to get to it's destination, one dooming plod at a time. A genuine dependence on darkness and void spaces not unlike Melbourne/Berlin legends, Devastations, a band famous during a time when board games were still a thing.

This is the demo/promo track for The Nightmare, BLVCK's collabative project that'll be ready in "a few months".

Update (11:55am): turns out there's actually TWO things happening here: 1) a new/solo album called The Nightmare and; 2) a collab project called The Collaborations featuring a tonne of guest vocalists including: Charles Buddy Daaboul, Nathan "N Martin" Martin, Amy from Mere Women and Evan/Rob from Bare Grillz. Sorry for the confusion/illusion and thanks for the clear-up DKS.

Keep an eye/ear over here for updates. And catch BLVCK doing his first Sydney show on August 9. The only conditions being: World Bar, teapots, trashed cunts and Wax Witches (the Bleeding Knees Club side-project).

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