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Bruce Haack - Man Kind + Incantation (Danimals Remix) | Reacharounds | Polaroids Of Androids
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Bruce Haack
Man Kind + Incantation (Danimals Remix)

Man Kind

Stones Throw recently announced that they would be digging up (not literally) legendary electronic step-father Bruce Haack, breathing some fresh vocoder air into his lungs (literally!) and releasing a collection of his finest work.

Farad: The Electric Voice cover artwork

Farad: The Electric Voice, named after Haack's homemade vocoder, brings together some of the pioneer's classic songs, as well as a bunch of special un-released and out-of-print rarities. It is available right NOW via the Stones Throw web-store in all of the usual formats - vinyl, CD and digital - but won't be officially be released to the world on October 19.

Incantation (Danimals Remix)

In addition to Farad, Stones Throw head honcho, Peanut Butter Wolf, will also be organising a special Haack remix EP to be released later in the year. So far the only available snippets are the Danimals track above and this awesome Prince Language video.

And yes, after a fair bit of whispering, it's now confirmed that Sydney's own wobbly-electro kids Danimals have signed to Stones Throw. No official word yet on a release, but they have been included on the recent Clouds Over The Pacific 2010 Sampler.

Bonus: spacey homemade/unofficial video (by aspectratio00) set to Electric To Me Turn, which also features on Farad: The Electric Voice.

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