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Polaroids Of Androids


Buddy Glass
The Spinning Titanic (Demo)

Let Clive dig up the Titanic, the Leonardo SS Love Ship or whatever flotation device he feels necessary for his pilgrimage into Kings Landing to take over the reigns of this poverty-stricken nation of ours. Won't matter to you/me anyhow, as we'll be far off in the isolated community of Brookvale, listening and watching as Budrick Glass transitions from underrated sibling of George and vacation time-passer to his rightful position — lodged deep in our sub-conscious where passionate pop princes party and play. With alliteration.

Buddy Glass is the solo alias of Bruno Brayovic — Peabody frontman, Woody Allen impersonator, Parisian expat and all-round top bloke. He's currently finishing off his debut LP, but needs a couple more parsnips to turn it from a pleasant afternoon lunch into a roast dinner extravaganza. Head over to this Pozible page to get on board with this essential "no hand-written lyrics, no haikus, no cooked dinners, no sociopathy" campaign.

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Buddy Glass


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