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Polaroids Of Androids


Catcher In The Rye

This song, the second lil' taste from the group's debut mini-album Bright Victory, is, unfortunately, not an ode to the greatness of JD Salinger, but it's fairly fucking brilliant nonetheless.

It's a dark, swaggering beast, conjuring up images of Nicholas Cave/Cage strutting down an alleyway with one of those cool wide collar suits on, carelessly spilling whiskey all over the place and getting 'fuck eyes' from hookers, nuns and everyone in-between. Some sort of strange middle ground between a moody bastard and a young, sexy fella brimming with self-confidence.

Bright Victory is currently scheduled to be released in May. You can catch Cabins currently touring around the country with The Mess Hall and Bridezilla. Full list of dates here.

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